Houston Texan owners comments add to NFL mess

If you haven’t heard by now, the NFL is a mess.

There are the continuing kneeling protests, which have been going on for over a year now. There was the huge Trump ordeal and how he called the NFL players “sons of bitches” and demanded they stand for the anthem.There’s the big CTE issue, which is going on currently, with a class action lawsuit against the NFL by former NFLers. The NFL is under a lot of scrutiny from the players, fans and media.

Something else happened this past week, involving the Houston Texans owner Bob McNair

“We can’t have inmates running the prison,” he said, referring to NFL players as inmates.

McNair issued an apology to the Texans players in the locker room, stating, “I was referring to the team owners and league officials not the players” but the players aren’t buying it. In fact, they planned to protest in their game against the Seahawks on Sunday.

Andy Forson, a defensive linebacker on the North Delta Longhorns, has thoughts about the NFL situation.

“The whole ordeal is sickening, seeing them treated like prisoners makes me pity the players,” Forson said. “It isn’t right and if the players want to protest for something that needs change in America, they should be allowed with no pushback from the owners.”

Forson also added, “McNair messed up, with these comments. It sheds a bad light on all of the NFL. It’s a reminder of Donald Sterling.” Sterling was the owner of the NBA franchise Los Angeles Clippers and got exposed for being racist.

Asked what can be done to solve this situation, Forson responded, “Give the players their freedom of speech. Players shouldn’t be benched, scrutinized and attacked because of a peaceful protest. Let them be”.

In the end, this situation will not be solved by an apology. It will be solved by acceptance and allowance to let people play and be themselves. In protests, or even just a normal touchdown celebration, people should be free. Whether it is controversial or not.

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