10-year-old talks ‘Force Awakens’

Star Wars- Force Awakens title.  Captured via Youtube

Star Wars- Force Awakens title. Captured via Youtube.

Ten-year-old Ben Lefevre is a self-proclaimed Star Wars super-fan: He claims to know everything there is to know about the famous movie franchise. After the release of the trailer for the next film in the series, The Force Awakens, on Friday, Nov. 28, I got a chance to ask his opinion on three of the hottest arguments circling the internet post teaser.

Thank you for letting me ask you some questions, Ben.

You’re welcome.

First of all, what did you think of the new light-sabre?

I thought it was dumb.

New three-bladed light-saber.  Captured via Youtube

New three-bladed light-saber. Captured via Youtube.

Why is that?

Because you could easily stab yourself! It’s got two extra blades!

You don’t think those will add protection?

Not at all! They’re too dangerous. The guys is going to cut his hand off. And they won’t give that much protection anyway.

Why do you say that?

Because the blades don’t even come together! There is a gap in the middle. A Jedi is going to come and *szhum* cut straight through that thing. It looks pretty cool, but that guy is toast.

So you don’t agree with Stephen Colbert that the three blades are connected inside the light-sabre?

The news guy? No. He’s just making stuff up. How does he know anything about light-sabres?

Next question: How did you feel about the storm trooper without a helmet?

The one in the desert? I think he’s a good guy.

Storm trooper without his helmet.  Captured via Youtube.

Storm trooper without his helmet. Captured via Youtube.

Why do you say that?

He looks like he is running away. I think he is running away from the Empire because he doesn’t want to be a bad guy.

People have been saying this is inaccurate, because all storm troopers are clones and he looks different. What do you think about that?

I think people are dumb. So what if he doesn’t look the same. Maybe they ran out of clones. Or maybe they just need more people because they got their butts kicked by Luke and Han Solo. Or maybe he isn’t even a storm trooper. He could just be dressed as one. Remember in Star Wars episode four? Luke and Han Solo dressed up as storm troopers and they aren’t clones. This guy could be doing the same thing.

Good point, but why do you think they put him so early in the trailer?

Because he is obviously going to be the main good guy.

The main good guys are not going to be Luke and Han?

Luke needs a padawan! Luke is going to train this guy with the force. Force awakens. Come on. Plus, Luke is getting too old to be the main good guy.

Final question. A lot of people have been making fun of the new droid shown in the trailer. What is your take on the droid?

New rolling droid.  Captured via Youtube.

New rolling droid. Captured via Youtube.

They’re right. It’s dumb. It looks like a soccer ball.

The Star Wars – The Force Awakens trailer can be see here and the feature film will be in theatres this month.

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  • Avatar
    Reply December 9, 2014

    Max Kirkpatrick

    This interview to me was very entertaining seeing that it’s a 10 year old talking about Star Wars. I also really enjoyed learning that the majority of the trailer was dumb and people are also dumb. Nice work!

  • Joseph Keller
    Reply December 10, 2014

    Joseph Keller

    I loved the idea of seeing what the next generation of fans thinks of the new Star Wars. This kid should count himself lucky though because when we were around that age we had to sit through the prequel trilogy. Also, he’s totally wrong about the lightsaber.

  • Dylan Seminow
    Reply December 11, 2014

    Dylan Seminow

    Really interesting to see someone from a completely different era talk about such a pivotal franchise. It was also pretty refreshing compared to most other online discussions.

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