Coffee around Vancouver: Two to try

Coffee is popular: 12,000 cups are being purchased each second. With such high demand for the beverage, Vancouver keeps up by creating new coffee shops for a community of coffee lovers to experience.

For decades, Vancouver’s expanding coffee shop business has created hundreds of different cafes to choose from. More coffee shops are coming to Vancouver, giving coffee drinkers yet another reason to purchase a cup of coffee.

There is much more to the coffee business than excelling in the taste of coffee. In order make it big in a city full of so many different cafes, the cafe must have a friendly staff, beautiful interior and tasty food. With all these aspects coming together, a cafe could have the potential to be a top choice to many coffee lovers.

Vancouver Coffee Snob is a popular blogger who is known for having trustworthy ratings of the city’s best cafes. Two highly-rated cafes at the blog are Nemesis Coffee and Timbertrain Coffee Roasters.

Nemesis Coffee. Photo by Kealy Allen.

Nemesis Coffee:

302 W Hastings St., Vancouver

Last year, Nemesis Coffee Shop opened its doors to the public to drop in and experience the extraordinary coffee it serves. Five owners, with one passion — coffee — came together to bring their vision to life, and open up the coffee shop.

As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by the pleasant staff, who are knowledgeable about coffee, and passionate about their positions as baristas. They are enthusiastic about helping customers find their way around the menu, to find the perfect cup of coffee for their taste buds. The staff gives off a great energy that immediately makes you feel welcomed into their cafe.

As you wait for your coffee, you are captivated by the beautiful interior of Nemesis. There’s a bright, open area, with hip-hop vinyl and plants galore on display. They have a great selection of hip-hop music playing in the cafe, but not too loud, so you can still enjoy the bliss of a quiet cafe. There is plenty of available seating, so you don’t have to worry about waiting to find a table.

Nemesis focuses on providing the best coffee for its customers. To ensure success in serving great coffee, they have collected some of the best coffee from around the world from roasters such as April, Colonna, Pilot, Five Elephant, and Talor & Jørgen.

Although this coffee shop has been open for less than a year, the progress that Nemesis has made is through the roof. From the great coffee and food to the friendly staff and beautiful interior, Nemesis doesn’t to lack anything. It all comes together, creating a great atmosphere for Vancouver residents to experience a great cup of coffee.

Coffee Bar at Timbertrain. Photo by Kealy Allen

Timbertrain Coffee Roasters:

311 W Cordova St., Vancouver • 551 McLean Drive, Vancouver

Four years ago, Timbertrain opened the doors to its small shop right in the heart of Gastown. Being in such a popular area, Timbertrain didn’t lack for any business, and became a core favourite to many coffee lovers in the city of Vancouver.

The baristas at the front counter are knowledgable, and willing to help customers make their way around the menu. After choosing your beverage, you can’t resist their beautiful display of pastries. With plenty of options, it seems like a great idea to pair up your coffee with one of their sweet treats.

Inside the cafe, you see the behind-the-scenes action at the barista station, where many of them crowd around, quickly making espresso shots and pour-over coffee. You can enjoy the front row seats to the show of your coffee being made. 

As small as the cafe is, the seating area is very creative. The seating allows more than you would think to sit inside to enjoy their coffee.

Timbertrain roasts its own coffee and uses it for their espresso and coffee drinks. On request, you can enjoy other beans from different roasters. They are supportive of their competition and carry beans from local roasters.

With recently opening their second location, Timbertrain’s success is only going up.

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