The end of Central City Ball Hockey

Many may or may not have known, but the Central City Roller Rink is closing down this year. Located in Whalley, right by Surrey Central Skytrain Station, it was a great place to go and hang out and skate and also play some competitive sports such as ball hockey. I’ve have played in the Central City Ball Hockey League and was pleased that they gave the league a six-month lease to have one final season.

Though I didn’t participate in the last season, I checked out some games and talked to some players on how they feel about the league being put on hold until a move into the new venue, which will be across town in a pretty new Langley Hockey House.

The Langley Hockey House is a fairly new facility, which opened in 2012 and houses sports such as ball hockey, roller hockey and lacrosse.

Joban Brar plays on the Grizzlies in the Central City Ball Hockey League. He said: “The arena closing is tough because of the nostalgia and aura the rink had, but on the other hand the league is still continuing on with a more accomodable facility in Langley.” When asked about if he’ll miss the old rink, he paused and said “sure,” with a laugh.

Harjan Notay is another player on the Grizzlies.

“Central City Roller Rink wasn’t the best of rinks, in fact it was very old and the holes in the ceiling from the balls are in the high hundreds,” he said. “With it closing, we get to play in a nicer, newer venue and i’m all for it.”

Central City Arena has been open since the 1970s and was the popular spot to hang out and have a great time with friends and family. Sports was important as well.

The arena will be torn down at the end of the final Central City Ball Hockey League season before construction for a brand-new education centre will begin in its place. The memories though, will live on.

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