Love travels

Travelling may be solution for a lot of problems, including the matters of the heart.

In an attempt to mend his broken heart, Fernando (last name withheld by request), a Brazilian student, decided to go for a one-month English course in Liverpool, England. He is a Beatlemaniac and his was dream to go there. However, before arriving to the city of the Beatles, he had to make a flight connection and decided to spend a week in the capital of Spain, Madrid.

Picture by Fernando Cilento

In the city that is home of the best soccer teams in Europe, he stayed in a hostel. This kind of accommodation promotes a lot of events to the guests, so they are able to get to know each other. And for Fernando was no different. In his first night, he met a group of friends and they became inseparable during the whole trip in Madrid.

Among this group of people was Virginia (last name withheld by request), a Canadian girl who was on one of the stops of her European backpacking trip.

They went to everywhere in Madrid together, but didn’t get along with each other at first sight. Their first impressions were not flattering: for him Virginia was a party-princess and for her he was one overly-intense guy interested in other girl.

However, destiny has played its part and, before they knew it, the last minutes of their time together were approaching. There is something about last moments that make clear what is relevant, and for them their goodbye was really bittersweet.

Fernando started his month in Liverpool, but kept Virginia in the loop with details of all was happening to him. The desire to share it in real life soon began to grow. Fernando let his heart speak for him and invited Virginia to join him in Liverpool. She had a lot to consider, but for him the clock was ticking.

They both knew it was a madness to join one another after only a few days together. The odds were playing against them. But you only live once, right? Virginia changed her plans and left her travel mate in Paris and joined Fernando in Liverpool.

Everything worked. They soon realized that they were meant to be together. When it was the time to Fernando go back to Brazil, he heard about a study program in Canada. Virginia helped him with the tests and in the meantime they agreed on a distance relationship. He even formally asked her father, through Facetime, if they could boyfriend and girlfriend.

They are now together in Canada, and the next chapters of this story are still to come.

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