What do sports mean to you?

Sports are such a beautiful thing. They keep us out of trouble, let us focus on a certain talent, or can provide an income for our lifetime. Nothing is better than some competition, which could be one-on-one or with a team There’s no better feeling than that.

Many use sports as an escape out of the world. With everything going on in the world today, such as the North Korea vs. US drama, BLM, and, of course, Donald Trump, sports can take us away and put us in this world that blocks us away from everything and there’s nothing better than that.

For sports fans, getting home from work/school and cracking open a beverage of their choice and turning on ESPN or TSN is the dream. But also playing the sport can help you get out of the world which can be depressing at times.

For Avin Gill, a player for the Valley West Hawks who play at the Langley Events Centre in the BCMML, sports – and more importantly hockey – has always been a part of who he is. Growing up in the small-town Princeton, B.C., hockey was a source of fun which got much more serious as he got older.

He later moved to Surrey where he progressed and got better as a player, and after he was done playing minor and major level hockey he moved up to the BCMML.

What has sports meant to him throughout his life?

“I think sports for me, sports for me is like food or water,” he said. “When I was younger it was something that I did for fun, like video games, but as I got older I realized it was more than a game and my competitiveness also drives the seriousness out of me. Sports to me is a necessity.”

Gill added how he felt he has long-lasting relationships from his experiences playing hockey. The road trips, big wins and even the tough losses: when you go through all of it as a team you always can share those memories.

“I don’t talk to many of my teammates anymore, mostly because of everyone going to school and working trying to kick start their career, but whenever I see them in public I always show them love because we have a brotherhood bond and we’re family,” Gill said.

Sports are an escape away from everything. There would be times where I wasn’t feeling the best, mentally, and simply going to the basketball court and shooting hoops would clear my mind and calm me down.

For others, sports are a way to pass time or to have fun with their friends and peers and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Mark Hamilton

Mark Hamilton is the instructor for the course and a faculty member of the Journalism and Communications Studies program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, in Surrey B.C.

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