Beautiful Bali tops popularity list

Weather is, once again, a hot topic for Vancouverites who are dreading the cold and rainy months we call winter. It seems as if fewer sun-filled days are enough of a reason for people to want to travel overseas, with some making it a yearly thing.

You don’t have to look far when trying to plan your next vacation, with websites and recommendations from friends making it easier than ever to decide. Bali is currently ranked the highest in popularity this year. Here are some of the reasons why.

Beautiful, yet cheap places to stay

If you want to stay in a hotel, you won’t pay more than $200 for some of the best hotels, which include The Hilton Bali Resort, with breathtaking views, for only $129 a night. Alternatively, you can stay at an equally nice resort for as little as $50 a night. Other options include homestays and guesthouses, family-run, which allow you to experience some Bali culture. Compare this with some of the accommodation options in Vancouver where it’s at least $100 a night, with prices as high as $600 a night during peak seasons. On Bali, Kuta is a great place to stay because of its night life and affordable hotels.


Bali is known for its food and one of its delicacies is suckling pig, most commonly served with rice and veggies. If you’re up for trying new things and a lover of pork, this might be your new go to while visiting Bali.

If you’re missing some of the food from home there are western-style cafes where you can  indulge in some of your favourite foods such as waffles and burgers. Bali has a wide array of foods that everyone can enjoy.

Touristy Things

What’s not to love about the outdoors, especially when you’re in a beautiful place with weather that stays surprisingly hot 365 days of the year? When in Bali, be sure to visit some of their popular temples and volcanic areas that will allow you to take in the full experience of this one-of-a-kind place. If this isn’t your idea of an ideal vacation, ask the locals for their recommendations.

Last but not least the flights that will take you are pretty reasonable. You can get flights for as low as $700.



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