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Julie Dujardin. The unicorn is named Paracelsus.

The term spirituality is broad and it scares a lot of people away. From psychic healing to meditation, spirituality is such a general term that applies to so many areas of self-help and wellness. Spirituality means something different to everyone and that’s where people get confused.

Julie Dujardin, a psychic healer, helps cut through the confusion as she talks about her experiences with spirituality and the stigma around being openly spiritual.


I’ve been doing this for 25 years. I had some cards at home or somebody had some angel card, like Doreen Virtue cards, and then I first started by being around medicine cards, Indigenous medicine cards. Someone where I was living in a house, a communal house in the early ’90s in Toronto, this wild woman that lived there, she was like a single mom and she would make masks out of paper.

She had these indigenous medicine cards. I started noticing them and they were really significant to me. Whenever I saw the card, it like fell on the floor and I was like, “Qow they’re for me, a message for me” that kind of a thing.

I grew up in a Lutheran church in Kitchener, Waterloo and was born in London, Ontario. Narrow mindedness is really thick in those woods. I had a good heart and was around a good family and my spirituality was just something natural to me and I always seemed to take it a bit further than the norm. Even being in the church, you would get scoffed at for not wearing shoes or scoffed at for not shaving your legs or being more of a hippie or a love child/flower child.

That was like being condemned and just for being happy and open-hearted. You could be looked at like “who does she think she is? Does she think she is holier than thou?” and you’re just being what Jesus teaches to be but you know it wasn’t encouraged or expected.

To think about cards was demonic right? Even though I was given a Ouija board at a really young age as a Christmas gift, it was quickly sawed in half. It was a bit creepy. Ouija boards back then too and my family was pretty Christian but actually I don’t think a Ouija board is evil. People just need to know what they’re doing. When they’re using tools and not just letting any spirit come through.


I’ve definitely heard Ouija boards only allow dark spirits to come through.


Yeah, and see that’s not even true. I don’t want negativity in my sphere. I might bump into it once in a while. I might write some nasty words or I might write some good words, right? So you attract what you write, as well or what you’re speaking. So when you’re using a tool like a crystal or a Ouija board, it has energy just like money. What you do with that energy, it could go either way, right? But, overall, the light of something is what I work with.

At a young age, my father was ill, and all through until I was 12, I was drawing on healing power for the desire to help comfort him. So I learned reiki from a really natural sensation, so by the time I got to my late teens and early 20s, I ended up being really open to cards. I worked with Osho Zen cards, and I was travelling at that time. I was pregnant, had toddlers, and I travelled for like eight years just doing readings like on the street, at cafes, and the most miraculous things would happen.

I knew the truth that I was just praying to get by and be a single mom on the road and have an adventure instead of feeling like we were homeless. S,  we were having an adventure. It was a fairy tale and when we tapped into trusting that energy and knowing that the messages were going to be there for people, and I was only charging like five bucks but so many more blessings would come. People would invite us into their home, from me doing these spiritual readings, because they would be so moved by it in five minutes.

I use all kinds of decks — angels, mermaids, fairies, unicorns, true love deck, archangels. I’ve collected many decks over the years, and I just keep thinking they’re an excellent way to use a visual, to sort of grasp, “oh, yeah, let’s take a deeper look at what’s going on with that emotion,” and every time it’s very unique for people.

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