Water from the skies: here comes the rain


The satellite images brought an early warning last Wednesday that Vancouver had geared up for more rain. A cold front heading into the region would start to bring down the warm temperatures, according to a weather graph from the Weather Network of Vancouver.

Whether it’s the sunshine or pouring rain, we’re always left with some special memories of our emotions that are reflected by the weather. That’s the case for 23-year-old Kwantlen student Andre De Villiers, who shares his first childhood memory associated with the rain. “I was getting driven to kindergarden and I remember leaning my head on the back of the car window. It was raining heavy outside and for some reason I just enjoyed that feeling,” he says.

Vancouver might be drenched under the gloomy clouds all winter but this place is much better when given a choice between two places, according to Tracy Maliari, a 22-year-old Kwantlen student. “If you make me chose, I prefer the rain here,” she says, “It’s everyday but not as stormy and flooded like my home place back in Philippines.”

Where some people embrace rainy weather, there are many who’re waiting eagerly for summer’s arrival next year. Poonam Reddy, a 23-year old-Kwantlen student, says, “I’m used to rain because I was born here in Vancouver but sunshine in the summer gives a boost of energy and, in fact, if you ask me where I would be now, I’d say somewhere on a sunny beach.”

The rainy weather can have an impact on people’s everyday life, especially on those who commute by transit. Joey Gali, 19, says, “I use the transit to travel between different campuses and the rain makes my hair wet due to which I don’t enjoy it much.” Gali advises all students who commute to dress according to the weather. “Always have an umbrella handy and layer up as much as you can,” she says.

Finally, there are also such people who’re not bothered by any particular weather because they accept all seasons as the gift of nature. Arjay Hachilus, a 24-year-old student says, “I don’t change much depending on the weather because I embrace all the seasons of life. I guess you can call me a naturist.”


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    Reply November 19, 2014

    Mallory O'Neil

    This was definitely a relevant story to Vancouverites. I liked that you got lots of people’s perspectives and especially comparisons with other countries. Weather really does invoke emotions. Good job!

  • Sarah Khan
    Reply November 24, 2014

    Sarah Khan

    Vancouver definitely knows its rain, and I like how you asked an array of students their opinions on how they feel about our constantly drizzly weather. I feel that weather can really change your mood so it was interesting to hear all the different responses, from some hating it to others finding it peaceful and comforting. I’m definitely one of the latter, I love rain.

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    Reply November 28, 2014

    Pricilla Westlake

    As much as I like to think and say that I hate the rain, if I’m honest with myself, I would have to say I actually like the rain. There is something about the rain that makes it somehow apart of the intricate tapestry that is Vancouver, it’s woven into the fabric of the city and I feel it is part of our identity with it. I really enjoyed the way you interviewed multiple people, asking them the same question, and relying on their differences as people to cultivate varying answers. The pictures you utilized in your story capture the warm city glow that dapples the city nights on drizzly days. A fitting topic for our city.

  • Daniella Javier
    Reply November 30, 2014

    Daniella Javier

    I would have to agree with Pricilla because I love the rain too! I would actually prefer the rain over sun and colder temperatures because I’m cranky when it gets cold. It’s so refreshing to walk in the rain as well. We live in a rainforest zone so we shouldn’t complain about the rain we get because that’s just the way our climate it is.

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