They remember their loved ones every day


Agnes Ha started visiting the Valley View Funeral Home and Cemetery 10 years ago, after her husband’s death from liver cancer. She goes regularly to take care of her husband’s tomb, gardening in the mini-garden between his tomb and those of others. She hopes that when she dies, she will be buried there. She will continue to visit her husband until then.


Edith and Karen Bowing, mother and daughter, have visited Valley View for 45 years, since the death of Karen’s grandfather George T. Robertson, and in the years since, their grandma Annie Robertson and aunt May Robertson.

“When we have flowers, we come about every two weeks or so,” Karen said.

Everyday life reminds the Bowings of their loved ones, especially cooking, because grandma Annie was a good cook and made wonderful dishes. Karen says some words, like “special,” which grandma Annie would pronounce “Spicial,” stay with them. Her aunt, she says, was a character.

Karen, Edith and two aunts have visited Scotland since to find their relatives.She says she was surprised she liked it and felt connected to her grandparents.

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