Hip hop style hits Vancouver

As hip hop hits peak on the charts in major cities, Vancouverites are not only being exposed to the music but are now surrounded with fashion sources that reflect the hip-hop culture.

Artists such as Kanye West, A$AP and Andre 3000 are known to set fashion trends that are bleeding over into what we see in stores, such as variety of “kicks,” graphic t-shirts and vintage jewelry. Vancouver’s hip hop clothing scene has been growing, with numerous stores offering clothing that we see on popular hip hop artists, allowing the public to mimic outfits worn by their hip-hop heroes.

These stores have offered a new style for Vancouverites to embody/represent hip hop, which has bred a new wave of fashionable people in Vancouver.

vancity1DIPT, located in downtown Vancouver, is one of the well-known stores that houses a variety of hip hop clothing. DIPT is responsible for starting the Vancity movement by providing clothing with the Vancity logo which, coincidentally enough, resembles the RUN-DMC logo. This launched the practice of blending hip hop music and style into fashion. DIPT breathes hip hop culture from the clothes to the employees and even the in-store DJ who occasionally spins tracks for consumers to enjoy while shopping. The stores features brand name shoes, sweaters, pants and accessories, all uniquely linked to the vibe of the store.

“I appreciate DIPT’s ability to fuse high quality clothing with the hip hop music that I love so much. Hip hop music is what I am about, it’s just me,” said Adrien Somers, a regular Dipt customer.

The website getdipt.com features upcoming hip hop events that the store is involved with. These events are held at local clubs that celebrate hip hop artists. DIPT is also actively involved in social media (@diptvancity), sharing announcements and new products with their consumers.

Another hip hop clothing store, Queens Boutique and Beauty, is nestled on Cordova Street in Vancouver. This smaller boutique is packed with a variety of urban wear for woman. The clothing in the store keeps up with hip hop fashionistas such as Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, providing the opportunity for women to rock the latest styles. An added bonus to the boutique is beautifully crafted manicures.

DIPT and Queens Boutique and Beauty are both stores providing consumers with more than just fabric: they are helping to hold the city’s hip hop culture.


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