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The Eh-Sides is just the tip of the iceberg of Canada’s infinite talent.

As Canadian as a toque-toting beaver swimming in a lake of maple syrup, the Eh-Sides will delight any closet hipster looking to find that band that’s cool before they’re hot. With 100 per cent homegrown talent, this list is authentic as it gets. So kick back and relax with a hot cup of Timmy’s and enjoy what this is all aboot.

Although the Toronto-based group Bravestation has a freshman album under its belt, this quartet could still be considered a hidden gem. Having released their first EP back in 2010, Bravestation is a new wave/indie rock group that has remained relatively unheard of. With a Facebook fan base of about 3,000 followers, it’s interesting to see what could come of this band. Without a doubt, the potential is there. Bravestation captures the ability to take your mind to another place, with smooth flowing instrumentals and flawless melodies. Enjoy the tranquility that loops through each and every note.

Shambhala Music Festival and Nelson resident, Bryx, was mastering the craft of break beats at the tender age of 12. His sets are merciless. With quick and clever cuts, Bryx has developed a style that is unmatched. And as a result of his all-thriller, no-filler track listings, Bryx has been able to hold his own when playing with the big kids. Aside from gaining respect from fellow cutters like The Glitch Mob, Krafty Kuts and A. Skillz, by the time Bryx was 16, he was able to share the stage with one of his favorite groups, 2 Live Crew. With his reputation of playing anything at anytime, Bryx has been able to build a resumé that includes winning the Redbull 403 – 3 Style Party Rocking Competition. Throwing out mixes that will have you eating out of the palm of his god-like hands, the world is truly his oyster with a talent only going up from here.

Woah! She’s a Babe
Woah! She’s a Babe – as a phrase, it will set any man within earshot eyes darting and necks craning for this hot-to-trot woman. As a band, this Vancouver group will most likely steal the girlfriend of any man. Is it because they’re ruthless d-bags? Hardly. Any chick would have a hard time resisting their balls-to-the-wall presence. As a full-fledged rock quartet, WSAB hammers out a sound like no other. With their songs driven by classic rock riffs and a raw energy, WSAB has encapsulates the sound of any smokey dive bar right in the comfort of your home.

Defunk Combining elements of big band and swing with breaks and hip hop, Calgary’s Defunk has got the tunes to make you groove. While electronic music isn’t to everyone’s taste, Defunk’s library can surely ease any listener into that transition. By drawing on influences from the decades that taught people dance, Defunk’s music is infused with the kind of intensity and funk that is hard to resist. And with the belief that music is an art to be shared with the masses, Defunk is as Canadian as they get by giving all of his music away for free.

5th Projekt
You can find the members of 5th Projket sitting in the big smoke of Toronto. What initially caught my attention band was their phenomenal cover of “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane. 5th Projekt captures every morsel of the eerie and beautiful tones that Jefferson Plane once fondly created. And on their own, the sound of 5th Projekt is deceptively alluring. Having paired their psychedelic rock instrumentals with the rich and vibrant vocals of their female lead, your senses continually battle between brash and delicate. At first glance, it may seem like an unlikely pairing but on listening, you’ll be hanging on to each and every hallucinogenic note.

Kait Huziak

Meet Kait! She is trapped in a student's body as a third year Journalism student and she perpetually finds herself referring to third person context when it comes to bios. When Kait isn't menacing the streets of Vancouver, hopping from show to show, you can also find her scouring the web for sources of inspiration to facilitate her obsessive compulsive baking needs.

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