Don’t settle for second best: Q & A on dating, with Laurel Scott

Laurel Scott. Photo by Pricilla Westlake.

Laurel Scott. Photo by Pricilla Westlake.

Laurel Scott is a vivacious 76-year-old. Beautiful, athletic, rowdy and hilarious, she causes a stir everywhere she goes. She has been married twice and is dating someone now. She started dating as a teenager, and at the age of 19, she married a 29-year-old named Russ who worked with her mother in real estate. Approximately 25 years later, nine years with Russ plus a 16-year gap between husbands, she married her second husband, Peter. Both husbands had been older than her: Scott was looking for a younger man, on, an online dating site. She met a handsome gentleman named Bengt, whom she is dating now.

Q: How many boyfriends have you had?

A: Oh good Lord in heaven, I have no idea. There’s been so many, darling! You expect me to go back at this age. Holy shoot, I mean seriously. I’ve had two relationships that led to marriage. But I can’t answer that I just won’t, so as not to incriminate myself. [She laughs]

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your current boyfriend?

A: We met on eight months ago almost to the day. He was really the first one that I winked at. He emailed back through the system that he was interested, but told me that he would like to see a picture. I’m very computer illiterate so I had my son-in-law help me put up a picture of me. Ugghh … how embarrassing!

Q: What made your relationship with Bengt click?

A: Well, we have so much in common. He suggested that we meet, but it took a couple weeks before we could actually meet because both of us were so busy. We met at VandDusen Gardens and I when I saw him I went ooh, ooooh. He looked even better than his picture! What connected us was we both liked lawn bowling. We both liked classical music, the outdoors and travelling.

Q: Tell me how you learned about online dating?

A: Through lawn bowling friends. Two of them were on a committee of mine last year, and when we had a dinner, they told me that they had both met their husbands online.

Q: So how did you start with online dating?

A: My daughter-in-law came over for a sleepover and she helped me set up my profile. I could hardly stand it. All these MEN! And he’s younger too.

Q: What was the age range that you were looking for?

A: I wanted 65 to 75. He’s 73.

Q: And what age range was Bengt looking for?

A: 65-75. I wouldn’t have even showed up on his feed, since I’m 76.

Q: So, it’s a good thing you winked at him then, isn’t it?

A: Yes! [She laughs].

Q: Have you done some travelling together?

A: Yes, we just came back from Mexico and we’re going to Arizona soon.

Q: And are you two happy?

A: We’re really happy. All my kids and step-kids really like him and I think that is a really big part of this story, that my step-kids and grandkids accept him. It’s hard to explain to your family that you have a boyfriend, especially at this age. It could have gone horribly wrong. My grandkids could’ve gone, “Why does grandma have a boyfriend?”, but instead they’ve been very accepting. My grandkids are still sussing him out at this point, though.

Q: Tell me about the initial stages of you and Bengt dating.

A: Originally, I was going to go out with other men, too.

Q: What changed your mind?

A: Meeting him in person. He’s never been married, so I thought, “Uh oh. That’s not good.” I think that it’s not easy at this age to be in relationship. I had my freedom, I had my friends, my socials, my family, my trips. But so did he and that’s what I liked about him, that he has his own life and that I wouldn’t have to take care of him. I didn’t need to do it [online dating] to date. He was so busy, I was busy, and that was great.

Laurel Scott. Photo by Pricilla Westlake

Laurel Scott. Photo by Pricilla Westlake

Q: Do you have any advice on dating for university-aged girls?

A: Yes. Be true to yourself and know yourself. Know what you want and what your expectations are for a relationship before you get too far into it. Also know that nothing is perfect, there are always compromises no matter if your 20 or 76. I think it’s no different at this age then it is at your age (19). No matter what age you’re at, you need to know yourself. You bump into all the same stuff as I did when I was a teenager. You have to learn anybody’s quirks and sometimes it’s a learning experience. I’d say to young people, don’t settle for second best.


Very often we get stories about the young and the fabulous, the rich and the famous. Human interest stories about the middle-aged, children and young adults and animal stories . Rarely do we get stories about senior citizens. The've lived the longest and have the most memories and experience. They have learned the most, have the most insights into life and the most advice. They were once young too, they were and are funny, they were daring, good-looking, adventurous and sometimes brilliant. I want to tell their stories. They are humourous, saucy, and plain hilarious if you give them a chance. And I want to show that side of them: to lift the dull grey, drab sheet that shrouds everything we know and associate old people with.

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  • David Bauerfind
    Reply December 6, 2014

    David Bauerfind

    I found this to be a really interesting story. Online dating is usually seen as a “you-man’s game” so it is really cool to hear a success story like this from an older age group. I think it was a wise choice to tell her story of how she has found love and then asking for her advice at the end; it really showed that she has actual experience to draw from when passing on her knowledge. Well done!

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