La Cuisson: The spirit of quality coffee

La Cuisson sits in an alley like a secret garden hidden in the city.

A classical brass chandelier hangs on the ceiling. The room is decorated with walnut-coloured furniture. There is a wide range of classical coffee machines in the cabinet by the wall. Piano music is floating in the air. People talk softly.

Jason Xu opened this coffee shop to share and spread his passion for coffee.

If you live in the Greater Vancouver, you often see and hear Xu interviewed about coffee on local Chinese television and radio and in newspapers. It is not only because he knows and studies coffee, but also because of his passion to introduce the culture of coffee to his friends, family and community.

Xu did not always have deep interest in coffee. He was a car salesman in Taiwan. After he became a manager, Xu had more spare time to enjoy coffee. Sometimes he brewed coffee for his customers in his showroom. He started to build a reputation among people because his coffee.

Xu landed in Canada 18 years ago. He had high expectations about coffee because the culture of coffee is a part of western culture. When he could not find a cup of quality coffee that he liked, he decided to open a coffee shop.

The first coffee shop he owned in Canada was located in White Rock. However, the location was not good the coffee shop did not end well. Later on, he opened his second shop in Richmond and put his heart into it to making it work.

The coffee shop was designated to serve quality coffee to people. Xu roasted the coffee beans in the shop. And he brewed coffee with syphon coffee machine for customers. Every cup of coffee was handcrafted and he started to cultivate a group of loyal customers.

A few years later, Xu decided to seek a place with an elegant and graceful atmosphere, with quality coffee. He closed the shop in Richmond and moved to Kerrisdale at the end of 2011. 

Kerrisdale located in the west of Vancouver, is different from Richmond. It is filled with European style. It syncs with the atmosphere of coffee. La Cuisson is located in an alley but it is easy to find. It suits the people who enjoy a cup of good coffee and a quiet afternoon.

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