The new iOS 7 – hit or a miss?


The new IOS 7 was released Sept. 18 by Apple. iOS is a mobile operating system which runs on the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. This is the  first major iOS layout change since the introduction.

Many people are more familiar with the Apple classic icons and simple user interface. But Apple took a new approach by changing the entire layout and the theme of the IOS platform.

Apple’s new slogan is, “The world’s most advanced mobile OS. In it’s most advanced form.” The real question is, “What has really changed?” All applications, such as Siri, Facetime, iMessage and others, remain the same. The only change is the icons and a new control centre with tons of animations.

So, are many people really liking the change?

According to Mike Redford, an employee at the Bell Willowbrook Kiosk, “Most people do not prefer updating from the IOS 6 to the newer version.” The reasons differ from person to person. But, the dominant answer would be that people do not like the animations and the cartoon-like icons. Redford also says, “We are seeing a lot more people who are wanting the older iPhone 5 only because it still has the older operating system.” Is that true for most people?

According to a poll done by, 50.41 per cent of the voters chose “Can I go back to the IOS 6?” and 34.61 per cent of voters chose “I love it.” Most people do not prefer that design yet, but many people may become more familiar as they use it more each day. About 15 per cent chose “Meh!”, which indicates they are undecided or still getting used to the software.

The real question about it being a hit or miss? This always be on debate, as much as saying “Samsung or Apple?”


  • Danielle Himbeault
    Reply December 7, 2013

    Danielle Himbeault

    People are funny about their electronics, sometimes they just like something stubbornly for no reason. A few of my friends hated iOS 7 at first, but it has totally grown on them now (and some of them even deny ever having bashed it). I updated right away, and never had a problem with it until recently, when I have been talking on the phone and accidentally hit the hold or speakerphone button with my cheek–which seems to happen in every conversation now and has been driving me crazy!

  • Avatar
    Reply December 8, 2013

    Cindy St-Laurent

    I have the iOS7 on my Ipad and I find that it has made it harder to download apps and delete them but otherwise I do not have a problem with it. This reminds me of when Facebook changes its design and everyone complains at first but no one can remember how it used to be in a couple of months. I think that people are in general just afraid of change but when we live in a technological age we need to understand that that is part of the package.

  • Roshini Sakhrani
    Reply December 8, 2013

    Roshini Sakhrani

    Many people don’t realize how efficient the new operating system is. It is a big jump from iOS 6, where everything was set a certain way, as soon as the colours changed and a new clean interface was added I noticed everyone started complaining. i think people just got used to the older style, it’s really similar to iOS 6 though, they’ve just changed the layout a bit. in my opinion, this is the best OS until date.

  • Marissa Mallari
    Reply December 9, 2013

    Marissa Mallari

    I still have the iOS 6, but seeing other people that have updated to the iOS 7 makes me want to upgrade mine. I have to say that I didnt at all like the new layout of the apps and what not, but I did eventually warm up to it. The only thing I think apple needs to fix is that I have a bunch of friends that have had things and contacts deleted on their phones when upgrading, which is the main reason why I havent done so yet. I’m hoping to update to the iOS 7 as soon as I back up all of my stuff though.

  • Jaclyn Sinclair
    Reply December 9, 2013

    Jaclyn Sinclair

    It’s interesting to see that that many people don’t like it. I thought I was the only one. I had very few problems with the iOS 6 and I also liked the design better. I just don’t know why they felt the need to change the good features they already had.

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