How much can you protect yourself in this society?

4871645231_bf321e5356_oCrime and technology is increasing day by day as new inventions and techniques are discovered. Usual crimes in the city such as car thefts, violence, weapon threats, sexual assaults, and more are common news today. But, more mysterious and undetected crimes are becoming popular as well.

Three new crimes in Surrey are growing rapidly:

Secretly unlocking cars

• An electromagnetic device valued about $5 is being sold to provinces in Canada. Winnipeg was the first province to see the device work in many vehicles. According to a resident, an Acura car was secretly unlocked from his driveway which disabled the alarm system. That allowed the thieves to steal all valuables and money from the vehicle.

Mailbox thefts

• Canada Post has recently announced that it will not be delivering to individual households but instead would implement community mailboxes for all deliveries. According to Vancouver Sun, Kim Evans, president of Vancouver, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, “You are creating a one-stop shop for thieves.” “It’s definitely a concern. There have been numerous break-ins of mailboxes. It’s something thieves are drawn too. It’s not unlike a safety deposit box with the amount of valuables that can be there.” Thieves use a special key that can unlock the mailboxes to steal mail which could contain cheques and/or credit cards.

Garage theft

• Remotes and other equipment are available today that can use wireless signals to open garage doors. Thieves can drive in in their vehicle while holding the button which may open some doors automatically. This action gives the thieves the opportunity to steal from inside.

Any possible solutions?

Possible solutions for motor vehicle theft is to not put valuables in sight where thieves may be tempted to steal them. It is best to take all valuables with you because the thieve cannot steal and the device cannot start the vehicle with the current technology yet.

Minimizing being a mail theft victim will tempt you to empty mailbox every day to prevent pileup of mail.

You can disable a wireless garage opener to prevent becoming a victim of this crime. There is no permanent solution which avoids you from becoming a victim but there are always steps which you can take to minimize your chances.

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