ANDROID. Kitkat?

11203869023_2b7948780e_oAndroid recently released its newest mobile operating system version known as 4.4 or KitKat. Yes, KitKat refers to the chocolate bars we are all familiar with.

KitKat was released in September, along with the new Nexus device from Google known as the Nexus 5. Android powers more than a billion devices around the world and It is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. Major brands such as Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG, and rely on Android to power their phones.

Is the new version as fancy as its name?

Key features

The new system features a new layout, refreshed icons, faster multitasking, smarter caller id features and more enhancements. The major concentration area for Google was to concentrate on updating the Google Now feature which is similar to Siri found in Apple’s iOS. This version allows you to say “Google Now” and the app will open on its own: there is no need to search for or press buttons to open the feature in Android. But the biggest change for Android is the beautification of the desktop, which was made possible by refreshing icons and making the overall theme crisper.

Are many people upgrading to the new version?
A poll done by states many people have upgraded to the KitKat version. In fact, 52.8 per cent of the voters have upgraded either by factory install or custom ROM. But others are still waiting for an update to arrive on their phone.

What’s the cause for delay? Shouldn’t all phones get the same update like Apple?

According to Mike Redford at the Bell Kiosk in Willowbrook Mall, “The answer is no because android is a very open platform where anyone is allowed to customize the firmware. Companies like Samsung and HTC review and customize each update to their standards which delays the release dates. But, Nexus devices come straight from Google, which poses no delays at all.”

One customer was asked whether he prefered to wait or was interested in the newest Android version. His response, “Most customers do not know a new version is released because the Android market is mostly dominated by Samsung and not the Nexus lineup. Therefore, most people do not know about the update because Samsung hasn’t released it yet. Android’s updates never make the mainstream as much as iOS does because everyone gets the update at the exact same time,” he said.

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