How expensive is it to eat healthily?

Healthy foods are – on average – $1.50 a day more expensive than unhealthy foods, according to a new study by Harvard University. According to the study, a good diet, rich in fruit, vegetables, fish and nuts, would increase the yearly the food costs of an individual here in Canada by close to $600.

The consumption of a proper diet is related to the reduction of chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and several cancers. So lowering the price of Healthy foods should be one of the goals of public health.

Spurred by the study, I decided to go to a Canadian supermarket willing to compare the prices of healthy and unhealthy foods.


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    Reply December 9, 2013

    Ashley Ezart

    I really like that you actually went into Save On Foods and made a video. It was great to see the combination of writing and visuals. I also know firsthand what it’s like to see healthy choices much more expensive on the shelves. I was a high performance athlete a few years ago but now that I buy some of my own food, I can see that my health and fitness have decreased. It is hard to make the jump in prices though. I see the benefits but as students, there is only so much we can do.

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    Reply December 10, 2013

    Daniela Carmona Gonzalez

    Eating healthy is something we all struggle with, specially women I think. Also, the high prices of eating healthy are very uninspiring for people when trying to diet, or even just to avoid the big mac. I really liked the video, and Save on Foods is expensive even with the save on more card, in my opinion.

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