A café with style and atmosphere, the cornerstone of a neighbourhood

Le Marché St. George, at St. George and 28th Avenue in Vancouver. (Photo: marchestgeorge.com)

Le Marché St. George, at St. George and 28th Avenue in Vancouver.

At the little Vancouver café and market on the corner of East 28th Avenue and St. George Street, hot drinks and meals are served with a smile and a “Bon appetite!”

More and more often these days, café goers are looking for more than just a good cup of joe. The best cafés have something else going for them. The experience and atmosphere they offer their guests is key, whether it’s specialty meals prepared in front of you, unconventional ways of serving a dish or simply the design and decor of the interior.

But why do we love little privately-owned cafés? Is it the attention to detail? The friendly community?

Le Marché St. George has been able to epitomize everything that makes a café enjoyable and interesting.

I headed there with a friend, who had been raving about their crepes, one afternoon. walked in to find the servers amiably chatting to a customer from the neighbourhood…en francais! The staff both spoke with a French accent and greeted various regulars in French.

Le Marché St. George is one of those places that offers “an experience” along with the great food. It creates an atmosphere that’s ideal for a long talk with a good friend and a hot cup of coffee.

The corner café seems completely removed from anything commercial and instead is ingrained with a strong neighbourhood feeling. young moms bring their kids for an afternoon snack, local students come for a meal and some study time, or couples come to chat over some tea. Regulars call out “Avoir!” on their way out.

We took a seat and were soon served ham and cheese crepes and some chai tea lattes. The drinks were served in small bowls and two hands were needed to really enjoy them.

Le Marché, meaning “the market,” has a very European flavour, almost like an old general store. As well as the fresh hot beverages and baked goods, it carries a selection of locally produced and organic groceries. A large fridge and wooden shelves that rise to the ceiling display quality basics such as cheese, meats, crackers, milk, free-range eggs, special ice creams, cooking oils, colourful tins of tea, soaps and candles. Outside, boxes hold fruits and vegetables.

Not only is the food delicious, Le Marché St. George has character and atmosphere.

The shop only has a few tables, and a couple of chairs on the sidewalk outside, but for a secluded cafe on a slow Monday afternoon, it’s a busy place.

Jaclyn Sinclair

Student with an interest in all things Lifestyle, with a particular love for photography and photo-journalism.

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  • Joao Vitor Correa
    Reply December 10, 2013

    Joao Vitor Correa

    Thanks to your article me and my friends went to the Cafe. It’s really magic. Thank you for sharing this place here in such a nice story.

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