Vancouver Through the Lens of a Photojournalism Student

Vancouver is a wonderful, young, flawed, vibrant and diverse city and has a lot to offer residents and tourists alike. Looking at the world through a camera and lens often makes you see things differently, take in the little details and appreciate the moments and stories being created around you.

Photojournalism is a unique form of storytelling and it has made me see Vancouver in a new light. While walking through the city, quietly observing allowed me to capture the moments, take everything in and discover more about the power of visual storytelling. The photos featured in this gallery were taken from May through to August of this year and feature spring and summer moments.


Yaunna is a fourth-year journalism student with a passion for story, feminist issues and photojournalism. Although I live in Canada, I was born in Portland and was raised up and down the west coast of North America. Everyone has a story and I believe it's important to tell those stories.

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