Struggling to do her best for her children

There is a phenomenon is the Chinese community: a group of mothers who will put everything behind sending their children to good schools. These mothers do not care how difficult the environment is and will even move the entire family for the children.

Most Chinese immigrants have concerns about the education of their children. The most common reason of immigrating to Canada is because of the good education system.

Mindy Si came to Canada with her family two years ago. She is a housewife and a mother of four, three daughters and a son. Her eldest daughter, Amy Zhou, 14, is a Grade 9 student in Maple Ridge Christian School.

When the family came to Canada, they bought their first home in Canada in Richmond, a city that suits new Chinese immigrants with its many Chinese restaurants and grocery stores. It would be perfect for their family.

Amy Zhou was a student in the catchment school near her home in Richmond. Because she was a newcomer, Zhou did not understand a word in school. She refused to get help. And she chose only to be friends with other Chinese students in school so she did not show any significant improvement.

Si struggled with she concerns about Zhou’s education. At a parent-teacher conference, she was told that Zhou did not do her homework and had a hard time follow teachers’ instructions.

Si realized that she had to find a way to help a daughter and create a good study environment for her. After discussion with her husband, they decided to sell their home and move to Maple Ridge.

Si moved the family to Maple Ridge even though she barely knows English. She takes ESL classes from Monday to Thursday. She said that learning English is the only way that helps her to keep up with her children.

After a year of studying in Maple Ridge, Zhou’s education was better. Because Maple Ridge does not have many Chinese, Zhou has had to learn to adapt a new study environment. If she does not put her heart into study, there are no other Chinese students there to help her.

Si said that all she hopes is that her sacrifice will pay off in the future. She will do any thing for her children, as long as it is good for them.

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