Slideshow: Wrestling with language

Canada is a multicultural country and Richmond and Surrey, two cities in the Greater Vancouver region, are portraits of that  diversity. But with that diversity there can be controversy. Recently, in Richmond, it has been about the language of signs. This report shows some the signs in Richmond, “the Chinese city,” and in Surrey, “the Indian city,” and offers opinions from people of different nationalities about the issue.

Audio slideshow produced by Isabela Mercuri and Gabriela Ferreira.

Isabela and Gabriela

Exchange Students in Canada, from Brazil.

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  • Joao Vitor Correa
    Reply December 10, 2013

    Joao Vitor Correa

    I don’t have any problems with chinese/punjab signs, as long as they’re accompanied by English signs/words. If you’re in Canada, English and French should go first, period. Great story 🙂

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