Prairie style hits Vancouver runways

Models open the show (GoToVan)

Models open the show (GoToVan)

This season at Vancouver Fashion Week, Sept. 17-21, there were many emerging designers who made their mark on Vancouver’s fashion scene. Each designer took his or her unique style and views as inspiration, debuting their collections over a period of five days.

One of this year’s frontrunners, who debuted its spring/summer collection on Sept. 18, was The Unified Theory.

The Unified Theory comes from Canadian designer Sara Bayley, who was born in Ontario. After moving from Ontario to the Rocky Mountains, Bayley grew up with a rural background, leading to inspirations for later designs. Now located in Saskatoon, Bayley’s design inspirations come from both her upbringing and her current views of the prairies.

The show started with a bang – making this collection memorable in the line-up of many new and upcoming designers – when model Rachel Sargeant walked out onto the runway carrying a rifle. This opening set the scene for the inspiration of the collection.

This season’s collection by The Unified Theory is homage to prairie style. A-line skirts, with lengths from just above the knee to just above the ankle, replaced last season’s trend of mid-thigh lengths and tighter fits.

All the pieces in the new collection have looser fits. This takes away from last season’s tight, form-fitting pieces, making room to showcase the clothing, rather than the models wearing them. Without showing much skin, these pieces caught audience’s eyes in other ways.

The biggest trend coming down the runway was floral prints. These prints are big and bold, making each piece a statement. These floral prints are part of the fabric yet still jump out at you, making the print visible to the audience.

The new designer’s pieces also washed the runway with pastel colours: Light blues, yellows and whites. Going into the spring and summer seasons, The Unified Theory is getting rid of bland colours, such as greys, blacks and navies, making room for brighter, yet demure hues.

These colours, prints and fits are sure to be seen on the streets of Vancouver with the change of season. The Unified Theory made an impact on Vancouver Fashion Week, allowing its designs to be seen in a big way.

Megan Renaud

Journalism student trying to make it as a fashion journalist.

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