Opinion: Why do people immigrant to Canada?

With ever increasing numbers of migrants moving all over the world, the UN General Assembly declared Dec. 18 as International Migrants Day. It is a day to celebrate the role of the migrant and the contribution that migration brings to development. It is a time to reflect on all the international migrants in countries around the world.

While not everyone is perfect, Canada has made the effort to encourage conditions in which newcomers can thrive and lead new lives in a foreign environment. As a multicultural country, Canada traditionally has welcomed newcomers as permanent residents to this country.

People who want to migrant to Canada often want to find out about the weather, living expenses and so on in Canada, because they have always looked forward to living in Canada. People consider that Canada is a heaven before coming to Canada. Canada has better opportunities for employments, as well as personal growth. It is a country that has better quality of life and income. However, the reality is sometimes cruel and different from imagination.

The language barrier is a block for a lot of immigrants. It is the biggest difficulty of all. Some people came to Canada as skilled workers. They thought that they had managed the language skills but the truth is that it is hard to enter the mainstream society.

Also, because of the culture differences, new immigrants have hard time finding suitable and reasonable jobs. Even if they came as skilled workers and they have skills, the standard of the qualification is often different. It makes it hard to find jobs that match their skills. Eventually, they ended up working in places that did not meet their expectations. Even though Canada is a multicultural country, it is hard to live in Canada if you do not understand the language.

The most common reason for many people migrating to Canada is that Canada has better education system. Some parents came to Canada is their 30s or 40s. It is hard for them to master a new language and adapt to a new environment. It needed courage to make a big decision like this and actually took action.

However, they have given up their foundations and careers in their homeland. Parents are willing to give up everything for their children and move to a foreign and strange country. It offers an eye-opening opportunity to their children to experience something different and expand their horizons. As long as it is good for the children, they will overcome everything.

It is an impulse that people want to go abroad because they want to explore the world. Everyone has his or her reason for migrating to another country. Students want to study here and settle in after graduation, while parents want to provide better education for their children. Most of the people hold the thought that tomorrow will be better.

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