Opinion: The difference between Vancouver Fashion Week and others

Fashion is quickly becoming trendier by the day.

People all over the world are becoming sensitive about what they are like to put on, the majority preferring to add an element of style to what is already common out there. They not only want to look good, they want to be unique and stylish in the lines of clothing, footwear or even automobiles.

This is motivating designers to create new designs to meet the huge demand. Fashion weeks are organized in most cities today to bring designers and executives, buyers and enthusiasts together to showcase, and probably buy, the latest fashion collections. One notable event like this is Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW).

Vancouver Fashion Week is a bi-annual fashion industry event, where different designers meet and showcase their latest branded collections, while buyers and the media view the most recent style. This five-day event is internationally recognized as the display place for both celebrated and amateur designers. It is clearly among the world’s fastest growing fashion weeks, judging by the calibre of designers and buyers who attend to have a look at what is trending in the fashion industry. It is quickly becoming an event comparable to other major fashion weeks throughout the world.

Both VFW and Milan Fashion Week are held twice a year, just like most famous fashion weeks in the world. At both events, notable attendees are some of the celebrated fashion icons such as top executives, editors, socialites, buyers, influential fashion design professionals and celebrities.

Both Vancouver and Milan Fashion Weeks offer non-traditional media and opportunities for partnering with agents from Canada and Italy respectively, as well as other foreign countries. Vancouver Fashion Week was instituted to publicize Vancouver as an up-and-coming fashion city to the whole world, while Milan Fashion Week was formed to host all the fashion shows of Milan. VFW recognizes the creativity of the Canadian talent every season and brings together the best cities with the best population to showcase their latest fashion designs in Vancouver. In a like manner, the Milan Fashion Week brings together both local and foreign talent twice a year in Milan.

What makes Vancouver Fashion Week different from the other fashion weeks, such as the event in Milan, is the uniqueness of the textiles of the Canadians. The Milan Fashion Week is dominated by designs from Milan with their Italian style, while the Vancouver Fashion Week is dominated by traditionally designed fabrics that are tinted by Canadian cultures.

These events are also different from each other in the sense that the VFW is rooted more organically in a way. The design lines are usually more fluid while at the Milan Fashion Week, more emphasis is on structure. This is probably due to the fact that the Vancouver Fashion Week is more inspired in natural surroundings. There is a lot of talent and stiff competition now, and these are major factors for the quick growth of these events in these cities.

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