Opinion: Athletics should be more prominent in schools

Athletic instruction at the University of Exeter.

Athletic instruction at the University of Exeter.

Educators should be underlining the value of athletics and promoting it more in schools.

For years, athletic departments, as well as other extra-curricular programs, have had funding cut. But these programs are what make schooling more enjoyable.

“We have been receiving cuts from the district office for a good seven or eight year,” said Bryan Fischer, a PE teacher and Athletic Director, noting that most extra-curricular activities have faced the same cuts.

Bryan coaches and runs the Athletic Department at Seaquam Secondary, seeing first-hand the benefit of sports for kids.

“The education they receive on the court, as part of a team, from the role models they have from coaches, I think that’s invaluable,” he said.

Being a part of a team is a valuable experience for someone to have in life. It gives you skills to work with others, teaches teamwork and cooperation, and helps promote a healthy lifestyle in a society plagued with obesity.

But more and more, athletic departments are falling due to lack of involvement and limited funding.

Bryan explained that the best way for students to get out and join athletics is by “just making it fun.”

He does this by having intermural tournaments played at lunch, an “Athlete of the Month” is chosen from one of the sports teams, banners with the athlete’s names are hung in the gym and announcements about successful games or tournaments are made school-wide.

Zack Lund, a student teacher at the same school, also believes in the power of sport. He recently finished coaching Seaquam’s senior boy’s volleyball team, which competed in the B.C. Highschool Boys Volleyball Provincial Championships, something that hasn’t happened at Seaquam in over 20 years.

The interview with him:

With increased athletics, there would be an increased community presence in school, helping provide life-long tools for our youth.

Parker Lund

Parker is a third year University student at KPU, studying journalism and communications.

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