Nicki Minaj: The female Jay Z?

Nicki Minaj is one of the most popular hip-hop artists in the world. With Billboard hits that are climbing the charts and successful albums under her belt, the American rapper is unstoppable. Many praise Nicki Minaj’s music for her incredible rap skills and catchy singles.

Jay Z, known as one of the most popular hip-hop artists of all time, had sold over 100 million records. He is ranked as one of the greatest rappers of all time, with milestone albums under his belt and a roster of successful artists represented by his record label.

These two share much in common not just as rappers in the hip-hop community but also as individuals. It raises the question: Is Nicki Minaj the female Jay Z?

Minaj and Jay Z were both raised in dangerous parts of New York City. She grew up in South Jamaica Queens while Jay Z experienced his childhood in the housing projects in Brooklyn. They both faced challenging childhoods, being raised by their mothers after being abandoned by their troubled fathers. Both faced traumatic experiences, from Jay Z shooting his brother in the shoulder to Minaj’s father burning down their family home.

Minaj, like Jay Z, used hip-hop as a way of escaping negative aspects of her life, creating and listening to music consistently. Both have worked hard to build careers for themselves in the industry. Jay Z started off as a local rapper and sold his music to others out of his car. He eventually created his own record label, produced the memorable album “Reasonable Doubt” and his career took off. It’s been a career filled with chart-toppers, 21 Grammy wins and a “Roc Nation” empire. His entrepreneurial skills have been highly regarded by critics. He was able to create his clothing line, buy the New Jersey Nets and build others successful artists such as Rihanna.

Minaj started her career by creating raps and songs with others in high school. She has been signed to one of the most successful labels, Young Money, in the hip-hop industry. She has also released several successful albums. She named her most recent album “The Pinkprint.” One of Jay Z’s benchmark albums is called “The Blueprint”. The number of Billboard hits are growing, placing her at the top of the hip-hop hierarchy. She won best Best Female Hip-hop Artist five times in a row at the BET awards. Minaj also has not limited herself as a rapper but has also entered the business world by endorsing her own perfume line and cosmetics.

Both artists are pivotal in the hip-hop industry and both have lived similar lives, from trouble pasts to defeating odds and breaking records. Both now share equity in the music streaming service Tidal, which offers music videos and high quality music. Many could argue Minaj’s career is still to young compared to that of Jay Z’s but I believe she is well on her way.

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