iPhone 5c: A big seller?

10082176226_9e3ff09dedApple released its new and updated iPhone 5s and a new generation called iPhone 5c on Sept. 20. The major areas of interest, according to Apple, are the colourful design and the lower price due to the hardware of the phone, which is made of a plastic.

This was a new product launch for Apple, as it usually sold “S” models in the past rather than the “C.” Available colours are white, pink, yellow, blue and green. The price to buy the phone outright is $599 for 16gb, and $719 for 32gb.

What are the real differences between the two?

According to Apple, the differences are the processors, the A7 in iPhone 5s and A6 in 5c. The other major difference is the lack of fingerprint sensor in the 5c versions. Other than that, both are similar in other hardwares and functions, including IOS 7.

The real question is whether the iPhone 5c is as big a seller as Apple expected.

According to a poll by BGR.com, only three per cent of the voters say they plan to switch their current phone to the iPhone 5c while 42 per cent say they would be interested in the iPhone 5s. The rest are either happy with their phone or they plan on waiting until the phones are a out of the spotlight.

Why are people not as interested in the cheaper iPhone model? According to Sukh Mander at Fido Guilford Kiosk, “It is not cheap enough!” She says most of his clients are disappointed when they hear the price difference between the two models is about $120. She also claims that consumers are not at all interested in purchasing that model.

So, why did Apple choose to release the cheaper version in the first place?

According to Sukh Mander, “Apple faced tough competition from its rival Samsung, as it has various lineups in the Galaxy line, including cheaper versions such as S4 mini while iPhone only carries one phone which has been known as the flagship. So, they probably decided to introduce a new phone for consumers looking at a cheaper phone.”

Would he say the iPhone 5C is a success?

Sukh says, “I would honestly say it’s a fail. Many critiques would support me 100 per cent. Go with the 5S. It’s more of a premium phone with all features Apple has to offer.”


  • Roshini Sakhrani
    Reply December 8, 2013

    Roshini Sakhrani

    I think this phone is good for younger kids, anywhere between 10-15. I think they’re trying to capture a younger age group because of the colours and light feel. honestly, i wouldn’t buy this phone because it’s too cheap and plastic looking, i would want something solid and durable. also, since there isn’t a huge price difference between the 5C and 5S it would make more sense to go with the phone with a faster processor.

  • Avatar
    Reply December 8, 2013

    Cindy St-Laurent

    I like the idea of the coloured Iphone but I don’t like how they also made it look cheaper. The material does not look as tough and honestly $120 dollars cheaper is not enough to make a big enough different to offer an Iphone product to people who want to pay less. The Apple company is already making a ton of money from each product I’m sure they could reduce the price more and still be making enough money. It is a matter of them simply not wanting to appear as if their brand is lower with a cheaper price.

  • Marissa Mallari
    Reply December 9, 2013

    Marissa Mallari

    I went to look at the 5c as soon as it came out and just felt like it felt a bit too cheap. If I am paying as much as I am for an iphone, I dont want it to look cheap. My friend actually bought it because of the fact that it is plastic though, due to the fact that she has broken her iphone 4s too many times to count. So I guess for those people, it may be a better option. Also, with a 2 year plan, I believe it only costs $130, which isnt too bad. My personal preference would definitely be the 5S as well. It just looks a lot better and makes a lot more sense.

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