Have yourself a merry hip-hop Xmas

Santa is coming to town and Christmas decorations are being put in place. And one thing is for sure, throwing a Christmas party is ideal to celebrate the season.

Why not throw a Hip-Hop Christmas party, combining two very different yet entertaining themes. Here’s how to make sure your Christmas party is turned up.

The Invitations

Your invitations need to set the tone. Official invitations keep control of the number of people who will attend and keep those uninvited from crashing. There is no need to go old school and send invitations through the mail, thanks to the tech savvy world that we live in. Online invitations are the way to go, which will not only save time but also money during one of the busiest and most expensive times of the year. Websites such as evite.com and punchbowl.com both offer online free invitation services. Punchbowl.com not only allows you to choose the theme but you can also customize the invitation, add party details and import a contact list with a couple clicks and taps on your keyboard.

Dress code

This party is not like any other party. You want your attendees to look like they are ready to have some Christmas/hip-hop fun. Ugly Christmas sweaters were the original get-up for a Christmas party, but there is a new wave of sweaters that are sparking attention: Ugly hip-hop Christmas sweaters, Thanks to Drake’s successful Hotline Bling single, there are now Christmas sweaters inspired by his music video which can be purchased online at etsy.com. Not a Drake fan? Not to worry because etsy.com has got you covered with other choices as well.


The musical aspect of this party is fairly simple. An essential part of a hip-hop party is bass that rumbles. That is why it is essential to make sure there’s a good sound system to fill up the room with the waves of good music. For a Christmas/hip-hop party, there has got to be a range of both styles of music. Classic songs that combine both, like RUN-DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis,” should be priority in your playlist. Accepting suggestions from attendees also helps keep party goes happy.


Food at any Christmas party is expected to taste good, and sometimes the main motivation for people to attend parties. The best way to not let the pressure to get the best of you is to make the party a potluck. Everyone contributes with their own dish. That way there is a variety of food that will please most attendees’ appetites.

Drinks on the other hand can be the hip-hop aspect on the menu to be served. You can create different drinks, giving each a unique name that symbolizes hip-hop. The “Minaj Punch” (referring to Nicki Minaj) or the Drake cocktail can be mixed drinks of specially chosen ingredients. You can also serve non-alcoholic beverages such as, mocktails.

Remember that throwing a good party is all about people getting together to have a good time. As long as you put a sincere effort in, the party will be appreciated by all, which is the best part.

Image: Kevin Dooley


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