Halloween attractions around the globe

Haunted Mansion house at Fright Night at Playland in Vancouver. Photo by Sobia Moman

Oct. 31 has different meanings to every person, mostly having to do with how and where they were brought up. But no matter where you are in the world, all countries provide some celebration of Halloween, whether it is widely accepted or not.

The universally enjoyed aspect of Halloween are the haunted house attractions nearly every country and city provide. If you identify as a regular haunted house visitor and fanatic, or are just starting to step into the world of fright and thrill, the attractions listed below are guaranteed to give you and your friends a fright.


NY, LA, Chicago, USA

One of the most popular haunted attractions in the U.S., with multiple locations, this one will not disappoint horror fanatics. There is an age restriction to 18 and over, and a waiver must be signed because of the content one will experience inside this Halloween attraction. The actors inside are not only allowed to touch the person, but abuse them. There will be exposure to sexual content, groping, being trapped in tight spaces, have water splashed on you and sometimes you’ll be forced to have items in your mouth. An exit word is provided to those who enter in case of the experience being unbearably extreme. It is no surprise for North American Halloween houses to push boundaries. People of the continent follow traditional practices of Halloween, participating in trick-or-treating, Halloween themed parties and spending much of one’s earnings on costumes for the one night.

Porky’s Fear Factory

Southborough, England

Through the years, Halloween in Britain has had American influence a great deal and it continues to become more western. The holiday never had much importance but it has gained popularity and become mainstream. Porky’s Fear Factory is not for the faintest of hearts, as it’s a place that goes against every rule most abide by. This house is set to look like a maze, but has no concrete path throughout it and is up to the person to create one. It goes beyond most attractions: there’s no safe word or way for anyone to leave if they change their mind. The experience could take a group hours to complete and it requires participants to sign a waiver before entering.

Crocworld Conservation Centre

Scottburgh, South Africa

If you find yourself in the city of Scottburgh around Halloween hoping for fright and terror, you may be disappointed with the options the country as a whole provides. But what they lack in thrill, they make up for in fun and enjoyment for people of all ages. This centre features reptiles for the public to visit and enjoy year round brings a Halloween-themed night during October to get in the spirit. There is a designated section for haunted houses where fright and terror ensues for those who require it, but more of the enjoyment is found in the games and music provided for everyone, with a more community feel.

Daiba School

Minato, Tokyo, Japan

This haunted house adds to the list of ones that surpasses the rules and regulations and creates a realistic and dark environment. The actors are also able to touch the people who enter the house, but is different in the way where people feel tortured in the house. The experience is structured around actual stories and myths that are familiar in Japan, making it more authentic and intense. Actors will often scare and ambush people against walls and into corners, making injuries common. Unlike some of the other extreme haunted house attractions, this one does not require any sort of waiver and there’s no age restrictions. Halloween is a newer holiday in Japan, first introduced by Americans in the country who wanted to celebrate the day. It began as chaos, with Halloween parties on subway trains interrupting the everyday transportation of people, which created an uproar a decade back. Eventually, Japan adopted the holiday and saw it as an opportunity for capitalization and opened more costume shops and haunted houses. Subway train parties still occur, but are widely accepted by the Japanese public and have many participators.

Loftus Hall

Hook Peninsula, County Wexford, Ireland

Ireland has Halloween history: the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain began there, but it has now conformed to the American interpretation of Halloween. Although it is not without Halloween house attractions, Loftus Hall is the most popular of the bunch, gaining its popularity because of it being in a real house, which is presumed to be haunted. This provides a unique experience for those who visit on Halloween. People are locked inside the house for seven hours during the day and are left with the supposed ghosts the whole time, but don’t be fooled by the sun shining outside. Ghosts do not rest and the chances of you being spooked are high, and there’s no escape until the doors are unlocked. If you dare not hang with the paranormal, the island provides many haunted houses where the chances of encounters with the dead are less likely.

Dracula’s Haunted House

Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland, Australia

If one level of this haunted house does not satisfy your crave for thrill, the next three might as this house promises to be packed with immense amounts of fear. As you go through the levels, you will face zombies, your worst phobias (including spiders and darkness), clowns of the circus freak level and you’ll crawl through a tomb. Even with this greatly spooky haunted attraction in the continent, Halloween in Australia holds less excitement for most people there. The holiday is not universally celebrated.

Warner Park

Madrid, Spain

Halloween in Spain has a lot of importance and respect in the way it is celebrated, but this does not defeat the fun that is involved in the celebrations. Warner Park is a location visited by everyday locals in Madrid year round, but October means a visit is crucial. It provides haunted houses inspired by the greatest horror films, including A Nightmare on Elm Street, Annabelle and Friday the 13th. The attractions at Warner Park make you relive these classic films, but with you as the star. The cultural ways in which Halloween is celebrated in the country is worth participating in. The holiday is meant for celebrating the dead in Spain, with many people visiting cemeteries, which are decorated at night to remember and pay respects to the ones who have passed.

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