George Melville is proud to be a part of KPU’s community

George Melville, the new chancellor of Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU), is proud to call Kwantlen his post-secondary institution.

Melville, chairman and co-owner of Boston Pizza International, was sworn in as chancellor on Oct. 1 at KPU’s Surrey Campus. He may have only become chancellor this year, but he’s come a long way with KPU. His now-grown children attended KPU when it was still a college. Melville was also a part of KPU’s Board of Governors for six-years, beginning in 2003. Most recently, he received an honorary degree in 2013, for his commitment to the community, service to KPU and achievements.

“I’m very proud that KPU is [officially] now my university,” Melville said.

Throughout the years that he’s been involved with KPU, he has grown to admire the university’s atmosphere. “I’ve always admired [KPU] because it was a really great stepping stone from high school into the post-secondary world,” Melville said.

Melville also loved that everyone at KPU has always been full of passion and commitment. He feels that the university is full of light and energy. Seeing the line-up at Tim Hortons, or students working hard, is an energizing feeling for Melville.

“It’s a very high energy place,” Melville said. “I could hang around here all the time. I love it.”

The atmosphere around campus isn’t the only reason why Melville is proud to be a part of the KPU community. He has always felt that the people at the university want to get better together, instead of trying to succeed on their own. A lot of the time, many students may strive to obtain something for their own benefit, but Melville feels that KPU is different. He truly feels that KPU practices important values that make a difference in the community.

“I feel that the world is all about helping people [and] getting along with them,” Melville said. “That’s what [KPU] stands for.”

He hopes to address student needs at the university because they’re a priority.

“Students are a key component of the university,” Melville said. “I want to get a better idea of what [their] needs are so I can be an advocate to them or help.”

Melville would also like to improve the students’ pride at KPU. He thinks that they might be too shy or humble to show that they’re proud of being KPU students.

“What’d I’d like to see improve over the years is the Kwantlen alumni. I think a real statement is, ‘I’m a Kwantlen Grad, or alumni,’” Melville said. “[Everyone] has to stand up and say that [they’re] from Kwantlen and that they’re proud.” If Melville can see this happen, then he thinks that he will have achieved something.

Melville feels that it’s definitely the attitude that students need to work on. It shouldn’t matter whether someone goes to UBC, SFU or KPU. All students need to do is work on being proud and thankful to be at a university like KPU because it’s just as good as any of the other universities. He wants to increase the level of pride, so the students can realize that.

“I’m just going to carry on and do whatever feels right, wherever I feel I can make a difference,” Melville said.

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