EXP Bar hosts Poke-Bash

The lineup outside the EXP Bar on W Pender St.

The lineup outside the EXP Bar on W Pender St.

Diehard Pokemon fans were treated to a festive celebration at the EXP Bar on Oct 13. The video game-themed restaurant and bar hosted a launch party of the newest Pokemon games, Pokemon X and Y. The latest additions to Game Freak’s Pokemon series were released worldwide on Oct. 12.

The bar was packed with several passionate Pokemon fans, among them six fans dressed as Ash (the lead character of the anime) and plenty of people battling with their Pokemon.

Japanese dubs of the upcoming Pokemon Origins anime were playing on several TV screens around the restaurant, including on a giant screen on the back wall. Notable events were a raffle for the copy of the game and a quick and entertaining version of “Who’s that Pokemon?”

The EXP Bar is a host to many gaming-related events. In the past year, the bar has held gaming tournaments, launch parties and anniversary celebrations.

“It’s cool to come to a place like this where you can have fun,” said regular visitor David Nguyen.

The EXP Bar features a haven of video game memorabilia, from several arcade cabinets to a lifesize statue of Connor from the Assassin’s Creed series. The restaurant also features a soundtrack of  remixed versions of popular video game music (including the original Super Mario Bros. theme in all its eight-bit glory).

The menu consists of dishes named after video games, such as the Super Smash Nachos or the Chocobo Chicken Burger. A Pikachu-themed cocktail was a popular choice for the night.

Pokemon X and Y sold over four million copies over the launch weekend according to a press release from Nintendo. The Pokemon games started with the release of Pokemon Red and Blue for the Game Boy in 1998 and, as of March 31, the series has sold over 245 million games worldwide.

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