Chinese Moon Festival comes to White Rock

Moon Fest

Lanterns at White Rock Pier during the Moon Festival on Oct. 4th.


Some young girls make paper lanterns in celebration of the Moon Festival.

Red Chinese lanterns lined White Rock pier as White Rock celebrated its first Chinese Moon Festival Oct. 4-6 on west beach.

The three-day, cross-cultural event was an effort to support the local Chinese community, promote Chinese culture and support artists and businesses on Marine Drive. There was live entertainment all weekend, which included traditional Chinese dancers, martial-arts displays and local musicians.

Kids made red paper lanterns at a booth on the boardwalk and artists displayed their work along the grass.

There was also a large canvas with instructions that read, “Add your vision to what the White Rock landscape might look like in the future.” Kids and adults added details of their own to the waterfront to create a fun, collaborative drawing.

Over the course of the weekend, two panda bear mascots bobbed their way through the crowd, stopping for pictures with festival-goers.

Lin Chen was there taking in the entertainment on Sunday afternoon.

“The Moon festival is a traditional Chinese festival,” she said. “All the family members and friends have a reunion together and celebrate the harvest season and enjoy the moon with very delicious food, and moon cake. It’s very special.

“On the day of the Moon festival there is a full moon, so the blooming flowers and full moon create a very enjoyable environment.”

The city of White Rock hosted the Moon festival, with collaboration from the Association of Chinese Cultural Promotions Canada.

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