Alex Hoodikoff: A Young Girl’s Battle

This is the final instalment in a five-part series that tells the story of Alex Hoodikoff after she was diagnosed with a serious illness.

What does the future hold for Alex Hoodikoff?

Ever since she was diagnosed with Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP), Alex’s life has been turned upside down. While she is not terminally ill, she will live with this condition for the rest of her life.

Medically, Alex will have to make trips every year to the B.C. Children’s Hospital for check-ups and will have to treat her flare-ups with steroids and ice. Alex will also have to avoid any physical activity that could be cause her FOP to flare up. Despite all that, Alex is taking life day-by-day.

“I plan on handling my every day life by doing everything I love to do,” Alex said.

The Hoodikoffs also share the goal of taking things daily as a collective. Everyone agreed that they don’t want FOP to control and take over their lives.

“Our family goal is to keep doing what we are now, supporting one another and not letting this disease get us down,” Scott Hoodikoff said.

The Hoodikoffs have been achieving that family goal. But the family has always supported each other throughout life before, during and after Alex’s diagnosis.

Alex has been described by her family as courageous. She has also been able to maintain who she truly is the entire time.

“She is still the daughter we’ve always loved,” Stephanie said. “I hope others get to see her the way we do and not just someone whose in a wheelchair or incapable of happiness or a future.”

Alex is looking forward to her bright future, despite the curve ball thrown at her. She dreams of becoming an artist, something she knows she is very good at.

“My goals for the future is to still be able to do what I can today and not worry about what is going to happen to me in the long run. I just want to be the person I am and always will be for now and forever.”


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